Exploring Ireland: June 13th

July 8, 2016

We made it to Ireland!  We have been here for almost a month and are settling into the area. We love exploring the city of Dublin and experiencing a different type of weather. This week our friends are visiting us from California and we have been doing some sightseeing. On Monday, all eight of us set off on a drive for three hours to the Cliffs of Moher. Once we arrived at the Cliffs, it was extremely foggy and we were unable to see anything. We decided to visit the Doolin caves, while we waited for the fog to hopefully clear up. The drive to the caves was along the coast and was incredibly green and beautiful.  We climbed down 150 steps into the caves and crouched through the tunnel until we reached the large opening in the cave. In the cave we saw and learned about the Great Stalactite and saw how it was fluorescent in the dark. Even though the caves were pretty dark, cold, and wet, we all had fun being underground and enjoyed the cave tour.


On our way out of the Doolin caves, we were approached by an employee at the restaurant and he asked us if we wanted to help him herd the chickens back into their pen because they had gotten loose. As we were herding them into their pen, we saw a goat looking down on us from the roof and the man told us his name was Vincent. We threw him some pieces of bread to him and eventually got all of the chickens back into their pen.


After the cave excursion, we drove back to the Cliffs of Moher. It was still pretty foggy, windy, and rainy, but we were able to see a lot more. We walked up the path to the cliffs and took in the breathtaking view. The cliffs were incredible. Everything was so green and luscious and the beautiful water was crashing below the cliffs.



Near the end of our day, we drove to a town called Galway and had dinner at an Irish pub. People were cheering for the soccer game and we all enjoyed some warm comfort food after our day.

We made it home after the three hour drive back around 12:30am and were exhausted. Everyone enjoyed the day and loved seeing the gorgeous green cliffs and coasts of Ireland.

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